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ABOUT US: HospitalityIndia.com offers clients an independent Investment Property Consulting Service.

The purpose of the company is to offer clients an alternative to pension and share investment and to help them generate wealth through India and Overseas property investment.

The company has developed strong relationships with a number of developers and associates throughout India and Overseas and is able to offer unsurpassable investment opportunities along with creative ways of structuring deals so that only minimal investment is required from clients.

Working with selected developers and associates, being independent ensures an unbiased approach. For those clients who require this type of service and selection we can undertake all the work involved in creating and managing your multi-million portfolio.

It is important to us that every proposal/opportunity should be transparent, straightforward and easy to understand. There are no hidden charges or extras and no 'hard sell'. While we can provide clients with an appraisal of each opportunity, clients are encouraged to conduct their own research into any property they are considering investing in, so they can clearly determine the value of that investment for themselves.

PROPERTY CONSULTANCY SERVICES: High net worth individuals who have optimized on their equity and debt portfolio and bought all the art they wanted, are now looking at unorthodox investment areas. Restaurants, antiques, vineyards and coffee plantations are becoming part of asset portfolios of the very wealthy.

Successful property investment can be very time intensive. Although many intelligent people recognise that property will produce much better returns than their shares or pension fund could ever hope to produce, they simply do not have the time necessary to build and manage a portfolio, so it performs as well as it should.

They, therefore, settle for second best and invest their hard earned money in lesser performing vehicles simply because the financial institutions make it easy for them to do so.

Our consultancy service is designed for clients who lead busy lives and, whilst cash rich, do not have the contacts or necessary time available for sourcing, purchasing and managing suitable investment properties.

The service we offer is moulded to fit your individual requirements - we can handle as much of the process as you require, including managing your entire portfolio to ensure your assets are working for you with optimum efficacy.

After a personal consultation with you, we will devise a time scale and source properties matching your criteria (whether that's for capital growth or income) and ensure they are purchased at the most advantageous price, giving you instant equity in each property (usually of around 15%).

The properties may be new-build, off-plan, resale, tenanted, holiday let, foreign, renovation projects or reversionary interest properties. They can be sourced according to price, type, geographical area or any other criteria you may decide upon after your consultation. It is highly flexible and the choice is entirely yours.

Properties may be financed using our innovative financial structures, meaning relatively little up front cash is required and so that you are able to use massive leveraging power to create a multi-million pound, high performing portfolio using only a small fraction of the value of your portfolio in deposits and fees.

In conjunction with our associates, we will appoint a team of approved professionals including solicitors, lenders, accountants, letting agents and co-ordinate all matters on your behalf. We can also arrange other property related services you may require such as builders, furniture packages, insurance so that you can build whatever size portfolio you require with absolute minimum effort.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: In addition to our property advice and sales service, we offer a number of additional professional services. These range from organising cost-effective travel to helping raise finance, providing legal support, furniture packages, insurance, organising rental, so that you can build whatever size portfolio you require with absolute minimum effort.

FINANCE: Financing the purchase of an overseas property can be difficult. We have professional relationships with major banks and financial advisors, both in India and in the countries we cover.

We are able to offer support and advice whether you wish to finance your overseas property by re-mortgaging in India or obtaining finance overseas.

Through our network of partners we will be able to provide you with access to the expertise and support you need to arrange the best finance package for your situation.

LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICE: Proper legal advice is even more critical when you purchase a property abroad than it is in India. A good lawyer will help you overcome all the legal issues that you are likely to face through the purchasing process. They will also ensure that your interests are legally protected and take away much of the stress that you would otherwise face.

We can provide access to high quality, local legal advice and support for the purchase or sale of your property.

If you decide to use a lawyer that you have found independently, please ensure that they are reputable and, ideally, that you share a common language.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Most investors are not content to sit on their investment and wait to realise the capital gains. Most want to see their investment working for them from day one, through either long term or short term rentals. By definition, overseas property is separated from the owner by some distance. In these circumstances self management can be difficult.

We can provide a full range of property management options to take the stress out of renting your overseas property. These include tenanting (for both long term and holiday lets), maintenance services and tenant services (welcome packs, cleaning etc).

TRAVEL PLANNING: HospitalityInida.com with our associates has negotiated significant discounts for its clients on flights and accommodation.

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If you want to avail our services, kindly send your request to consultancy@hospitalityindia.com

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