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New Product Launch - Swimming Pool Enclosures


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For the first time in India "Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures".

World over, there is a new concept of relaxing in your own covered pool through the season. In minutes you can cover and convert your outdoor pool in to an indoor recreational facility. These Telescopic Coverings keep your outdoor leisure area clean and comfortable all year round. These enclosures are used for many applications like swimming pools, spas, cafeterias and patios. These enclosures make your swimming pool functional whatever the weather! Pool enclosures can be easily operated by one person, making pool time convenient and comfortable for everyone.

For the first time in India "TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES". This is a new concept in India. But in western countries, nowadays, pools are being built along with these enclosures. The benefits of these enclosures are many. Given below is a few of that.........

  • SAFETY for Children and Pets. There has been many instances of loss of lives due to some silly negligence. With these enclosures, you can relax without worrying much about those precious lives. Many times, there are chances of small insects and snakes entering the pools, which can be avoided too.
  • WASTAGE of WATER can simply be avoided by not letting the pool become dirty due to dust, insects, leaves and other foreign particles.
  • TIME is the most important commodity. We can save time and labour by simply extending the gap between cleaning of the pool since it is fully covered.
  • PRIVACY for the family members to use the pools anytime. The pools should be used when we want. Not when making sure that it gets dark so that no one can peep from neighboring buildings.
  • UV RADIATION from Sun in hot sunny days can be avoided. The radiation is harsher on the skin mainly due to the chemicals used to keep the water of pool clean.
  • CHEMICALS used can be minimized. Today, whatever we do, priority is to be given to save the planet. So less usage of chemicals is always better.
These are few of the benefits we get by using the Retractable Pool Enclosures. The life of the covers is 15-20 years. so, almost a one time investment. And there is a well trained back up service team to maintain the enclosures and take the usability to much more than 15-20 years.

For more information on Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures visit: www.patiobangalore.com/swiming-enclosures.html

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