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New Product Launch - Food Safety Chain Management Solution


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Innovations that Enhance Ability to Enforce Food Safety & Quality Compliance Realtime "In the Cloud"

SafetyChain Software, headquartered in San Rafael, CA, announces v5 of its SafetyChain for FoodT - a new class of Food Safety Chain ManagementT solutions that allow realtime enforcement of food safety & quality compliance along all points of a food supply chain.A key innovation of SafetyChain for Food v5 is the ability for all participants in a company's supply chain to deploy scheduled tasks for food safety monitoring and/or quality attribute testing data to mobile devices - with realtime analysis and actionable results. Sample task scheduling integrated with mobile data capture/analysis/alerts speeds throughput and promotes immediate corrective action - inbound, during production and outbound.


  • HACCP technician receives notification on mobile device that a temperature sample must be taken. Technician directed to CCP monitoring site; captures temperature data point on mobile device form - transmits securely to relevant people/dashboards "in the cloud." If temperature compliant, can send data in realtime - to anyone/anywhere - for faster shipping release. If temperature non-compliant, can send email alert internally to FSQA/Production Managers to begin HACCP corrective actions.
  • QA technician finds incorrect package code date - takes photo on mobile device, initiates corrective action by placing affected product on quarantine, corrects code date error and transmits before/after pictures of error and resolution.
  • Review customer complaints in field/customer site. Input quality attribute data and product pictures on mobile device - share compliance/non-compliance data and pictures with customer and internal stakeholders anywhere/anytime via mobile devices/computer for faster customer resolutions.
  • Other scheduled tasks that can be electronically automated, analyzed and sent in realtime via mobile technology include: Preventative Maintenance Schedules, Master Cleaning Schedules, Finished Product Pathogen Sample Testing Schedules, Scale Calibration Schedules, Shelf-Life Testing Schedules, Hourly Quality Attribute Testing, GFSI Code/SOP Verification Schedules and many more.
"Safety Chain Management" is an exciting food safety and quality innovation that allows suppliers, manufacturers and retail/services customers to get realtime information that speeds compliant product throughput and promotes immediate corrective actions. These exciting enhancements provide our customers with an even greater ability to prevent non-compliant supplies and ingredients from coming in - and non-compliant finished goods from going out," said Barbara Levin, SVP Marketing for SafetyChain.

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain SoftwareT specializes in realtime safety & quality compliance management for providers of consumable goods. Its innovative SafetyChain for FoodT enforces food safety & quality at every point in a company's food supply chain - inbound, during production and outbound. SafetyChain for FoodT is a globally deployed, Software-as-a-Service solution designed for fast implementation and even faster ROI. SafetyChain for FoodT helps food suppliers, producers, distributors and retail/services customers enforce food safety & quality compliance; eliminate manual processing and errors; prevent recalls and retrievals; and protect market value and brand.

For more information on SafetyChain Software and SafetyChain for Food visit www.safetychain.com

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