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New Product Launch - Frylow


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Frylow - A Quality Product That Guaranteed Cooking Oil Cost Reduction

Frylow - a new innovation in deep frying technology.

=> What is the Frylow?

The Frylow is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylow's patented technology conditions and extends the fry oil's lifespan by up to 150% providing a longer life period between oil change cycles. The Frylow is the perfect solution to the rising costs of deep frying oil. The Frylow requires no electricity and is simple to install. It is highly cost effective and very low maintenance. Frylow is not a filter or a chemical additive. The powerful synergy of Frylow and its ability to save you tremendously on oil costs is unrivalled. Within a very short time of installing the Frylow you will soon be seeing results.

=> How does it work?

Frylow's photocatalytic technology acts upon your cooking oil at the molecular level to slow down the oil's oxidization process, increase the oil's thermal conductivity and decreases oil absorbtion into your deep fried food.

As oil is used, the oil molecules bond together, thickening the oil and increasing oxidization. Frylow's technology safely breaks these chemical bonds which slows oxidization and lowers the oil viscosity. This 'thinner' oil is now more thermally efficient transferring more heat from the oil to the food.

In addition, Frylow works to negatively charge the oil to match the natural charge of the food you are cooking. This allows the oil and food to repel each other, reducing oil absorbtion into the food, resulting in a lighter, healthier, crispier deep fried product.

=> Benefits

  • Lower Food Costs
  • Extend Oil Life Up To 150%
  • Better Tasting Foods
  • Healthier Foods
  • Less Environmental Waste
  • Up to 30% Less Calories
  • Lower Utility Usage
  • Reduce Cooking Time Up To 25%
  • Deep Fry at Lower Temperature
  • Limited Three Year Warranty
=> 3-Year Warranty

Manufactured in Japan and made to the hightest quality standards Japanese manufacturing has been renowned for. The Frylow is a robust long lasting unit. We are so sure of the quality of this product we back it with a 3 year warranty.

=> Easy Cleaning

To ensure the Frylow is performing at it's best a quick rinse under hot running tap water when your oil is changed, and a 10 minutes in boiling hot water every 4 weeks is all the maintenance this unit requires. (Allow to dry before placing back in fryer).

=> Food Safety Accredited

The Frylow has been tested and certified as food-safe. Highly reputable laboratories including, NSF International, Japan Food Research Laboratories, and CERAM Research have independently confirmed that there are no safety issues with the Frylow. The unit contains absolutely no toxic substances such as lead and cadmium, and will not leach anything into the hot cooking oil.

For more information on Frylow visit http://www.frylow.com/

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