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New Product Launch - Clean Energy Power Generators


Vendors to the Hospitality Industry i.e. Suppliers to Hotels / Restaurants - If you have developed a NEW Product for the hospitality industry (i.e. invented a new product or made any modification to an existing product), then forward the details of the product along with your company profile and the photos of the product to the following email: fntindia@hotmail.com. If it is a path breaking innovation we will list it on the "New Product Launch" page.

Clean Energy Power Generators for Homes, Vehicles, Commercial & Industrial purpose.

Clean Energy Geenrator for Commercial Establishments  Clean Energy Generator for Industries

Sai Falak International is the world's leading innovator, designer and provider of clean energy generators to India and beyond. Sai Falak was formed in partnership with ZPower Corporation, a USA / UK company developing revolutionary fuel-less energy generators.

Our vision at Falak International is reliable, clean and cheap electrical power for every home, every office and every vehicle in India.

Our Revolutionary Clean Energy Generators require no traditional fossil fuel (like natural gas or oil) or other ongoing expenses. In other words, this "free energy" comes from the sun, and provides abundant electricity, 24 hours a day, to power your house, office or car. The expected life span of our generators is 20 years.

>> Solar Tuner: Our sun produces massive power in the form of heat, light and energy radiation. We use the sun's light to power buildings through solar panels, but those are expensive.

Our team has developed a "solar tuner" that can tune into the sun's energy waves, just like a radio tuner is able to tune into the invisible radio waves of music. In this way, our "solar tuner" inexpensively provides electrical power to light your house or move your car. And just like your radio which operates during the day and night, our generators operate 24 hours a day, without burning any pollution.

>> 50kW Office Generator (which can be scaled to 1,000kW). Cost of power - 10-25% discount over commercial power rates. Our smaller generators are designed to be modular, so 10 of our 50kW generator can be stacked together to provide 500kW of power, or enough to power a small community.

For more information on Clean Energy Power Generators visit http://www.saifalakinternational.com

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