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Alternate ways to carry FOREX.

Carrying Forex is one of the main concerns when traveling abroad. There are various options of carrying Forex.
a) Credit / Debit card
b) Travelers Cheque
c) Currency
d) Travel Card

International Travel Card
It has made it convenient and hassle-free for international travel. This is the best way to carry Forex on your trip. At present there are a number of players in the Travel Card Market with ICICI Bank leading the charge in leisure travel.

  • The most powerful feature of the travel card is the convenience factor. It is simple and easy to use. All that one needs to do is provide simple documentation: copy of your passport, copy of your visa, signed application form and a simple declaration that FEMA limits are being met, along with payment instructions. For individuals the limit is US$10,000 per year or its equivalent.
  • The card can be loaded with the desired amount (subject to a minimum load, which varies from bank to bank) and can be used at any VISA ATMs across the globe (except in India, Nepal and Bhutan) to withdraw cash in the local currency and at over 15 million VISA Merchant Establishments.

Advantages of Travel Card

  • Safest and most convenient way to carry forex.
  • Access to 14 million VISA merchants and 1 million VISA ATMs across the world.
  • Easily available off the counter.
  • Immediate refund on return.
  • Available in 6 currencies.
  • Re-loadable while you are on vacation.
  • SMS alert after each transaction.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Emergency medical and travel assistance.

ICICI Bank Travel Card
At the forefront of this Travel Card Revolution is ICICI Bank with its cutting-edge technology and world-class service delivery. The ICICI Bank Travel Card also comes with a host of unique and exclusive features.

  • A Replacement Card is part of the standard travel card kit. Thus customers do not have wait for 2-3 days for a Replacement Card to be couriered to them.
  • The ICICI Bank Travel Card is the only card that can be used for transactions over the Internet.
  • You can remotely reload your ICICI Bank Travel Card, even when abroad, by ensuring requisite documents are left behind with your family or the branch.
  • Immediate activation ensures that the cardholder gets his money loaded on the card real time, unlike other banks, where activation takes between 24 and 48 hours. Also with the extensive branch network and channel partners like Centrum, VKC etc, 24 x 7 Customer Care Service Centre, SMS alerts, etc, the card holder is guaranteed world-class service round the clock.
  • This card compares very favourably against international credit and debit cards. Every time a credit or debit card is used abroad, there is a currency conversion mark-up that takes place, unlike the Travel Card, where a single exchange rate is applied at the time of applying for the card. The only charges are initial card fees; reload charges and balance enquiry and withdrawal at VISA ATMs (all of which vary from bank to bank). There are no hidden costs and the card can be used at merchant establishments at no extra cost.

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