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Capital        Gandhinagar.
Area 1,96,024 sq. kms. (6% of India).
Languages Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi.
Airports Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Bhuj, Jamnagar, Keshod, Rajkot, Porbandar.
Weather Best time to visit is between October and March.
Places of Interest Ahmedabad (textile), Bhuj (handicrafts), Surat and Anand (model dairy products).
Temples & Monuments Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Lothal (Harappan excavations), Palitana, Porbandar (Gandhiji's birthplace) and Somnath.
Wildlife Gir Forest (Asiatic lions), Nal Sarovar (bird sanctuary).
Beaches Porbandar, Veraval, Dwarka, Somnath and Ahmedpur Mandvi
Everything You Wanted To Know About Gujarat (but never thought to ask)
RELIGIOUS DARSHAN Palitana, Somnath by the sea, Dwarka pilgrimage, Ambaji's aura, Akshardham goes hi-tech.
KALEIDOSCOPIC VISTAS Kite Festival, Festive time in the Rann, Parade of the bawa sadhus, Spring colours, Poshina's Chitra Vichitra, Tarnetar's Arjunas and Draupadis, Vautha fair, Dandia Ras, The Sun Temple's dancers.
CITY BEAT Introduction, Princely Vadodara, Tranquil Bhavnagar, Surat's cultural mosaic, Rajkot's Gandhian legacy, Enchanting Bhuj. s
ARCHEOLOGICAL WONDERS Raiyoli's dinosaur fossils, Dholavira's ancient civilisation, Lothal's excavations, Rani-Ki-Vav castes a spell, Champaner's Jumma Masjid.
WILDLIFE ADVENTURES The wild ass on the Rann, Pirotan's coral reef, Gir's pride, Blackbuck Sanctuary, Birdland
BEACHSCAPADE On the cliffs of Gopnath, Porbandar by the sea, Ahmedpur Mandvi, Tents of Kucth Mandvi
ROYAL ORIENT RIDE Chittaurgarh's fort, Udaipur - the lake city, Nawabi Junagadh, Seaside Somnath, Gir's big cats, Ahmedpur-Mandvi's Magic, Palitana's holy hill, Sarkhej village, The pink city.
HERITAGE SPLENDOURS Utelia, Nilambagh, Gondal, Wankaner, Mohammed Khan's mausoleum, Poshina

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