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Food & Bev Tech 2014

Consultancy Services for Hotels & Motels l Consultancy Services for Food & Beverage / Restaurants

Consultancy Services for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Inns, Country Clubs, and Conference Center:

=> Business Strategy

* A Framework to Inform and Make Value Creating Tradeoffs - Facts, Alternatives and Decisions.
* Market Demand Analysis and Entry Strategy, Partner Search, Turn-around Strategy.
* Hotel Project Conceptualization, Market Positioning, Financial Planning.
* Organizational Design & Structure, Manpower Planning, Customer Relationship Management
* Revenue Management Assistance
      o Revenue Management Plan (Room Revenue Budgets, Pricing Structure, Inventory Strategy, Channel Management, Distribution and Internet Marketing Strategy)
      o Understanding of Available Reports
      o Third Party Contracting
* Assistance of setting up of International Representation Offices.
* Organic Growth Strategy, Sector Specific Industry Study and Analysis.

=> Start-Up Assistance

* Operations and Industry Expertise to deliver "Turnkey" Business Incubation and Create Value for our Clients.
* Market Feasibility Study, Detailed Analysis of Market/ Industry.
* Multiple Options for Possible Entry of any Firm into the Hospitality Industry.
* Real Estate Search - Lease / Buy-out / Joint Venture, Brand Partner Search.
* Business start-up, Financial Feasibility Studies, Marketing and Sales Implementation.
* Organization Design and Creation.
* Destination Promotion, Feasibility and Assistance - Government Initiatives.

=> Concept Development Services- Always keeping the long-range project goals in mind, we can assist at any point from the beginning of a project - such as the overall conceptualization and development of the project, as well as the implementation and execution of the project, to raising the necessary equity capital and debt financing, as well as identifying and structuring joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances - to the final stages of marketing and sales of its retail real estate components. Whether acting as the project's developer or co-developer or stepping in as a member of the development team, understanding the long term view makes us more effective in every role from conception to completion.

* Concept Development
* Concept Research
* Feasibility Studies
* Strategic Business Planning
* Re-concept of existing Food and Beverage Facilities
* Configuration and Space Allocations for Concept Facilities
* Conceptual and Market Research to assess Sales Potential of Food Service Concepts

=> Project Planning & Design

* Site Investigation
* Preliminary Concepts & Design
* Architect Meeting & Selection
* Cost & Estimate
* Legal & Applications
* Project Report

=> Construction and Design Services - Physical Infrastructure / Facilities

* Construction and Design
* Facility Design Services
* Site Analysis of available Space, Utilities, Traffic, Parking, etc.
* Design of Kitchen, Service Storage and Dining areas
* Preparation of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment specifications
* Equipment Specification, Bid and Purchasing acting as the Client's Agent to ensure Best Prices.
* Interior design, design specification formation, and purchasing
* Computer Systems Design and Implementation
* Site Selection
* Operational efficiency Facilities Design (improve on existing designs with existing menus and operating formats using time and motion and other scientific tools to measure worker capacity and though-put speed, identify bottlenecks and best case deployment scenarios that maximize sales and minimize costs)

=> Systems Planning

* Architect's Design & Specification - Assist and supplement Architect and Contractor Services
* Project Master Planning: Cost Estimate, Suppliers, Contractors, Tenders, etc.
* Engineering Planning
* Interior Design Coordination
* Graphics & Ad-Design Selection
* Printing Agency Selection & Coordination
* Coordination of Various Agencies
* Progress Report

=> Technical Planning

* Selection of Capital Equipments - Manage the Procurement, Installation and Start-up of Equipment
* Cuisine & Menu Planning
* Kitchen Planning, Inviting Equipment Quotations and Their Evaluation & Approval
* Invitation of Quotations for F&B and House Keeping Services
* Software Evaluation and Invitation of Quotations
* Monitoring of Progress
* Application for Tourism Approval
* Revision for Financial Support
* Application for Operating Licenses
* Monitoring Progress
* Progress Report

=> Operations and Management Services

* Operations Management
* Shoppers Reports
* Unit Audits
* Internal Feedback Systems
* Interim Management of Food Service Properties
* Operational Analysis
* Management Assistance with Operational Design and Implementation

=> Operations Planning Control System

* Coordination of Purchase of Operational Supplies for Various Areas
* Setting Up Systems for The Functioning of : F&B Service, Kitchen, Purchases & Stores and Sales & Marketing
* Manpower Projections and Planning
* Recruitment of Staff
* Launching Plan
* Menu Trials
* Soft Opening and Trial Runs

=> Staff and Management Training and Development Services

* Staff and Management Employee Training
* Management Performance Audits
* Manuals and Training Materials
* Staffing of Unit Management and Employees
* Quality Service Assurance Programs
* Human Resources Planning, Programs and Training Design
* Safety and Sanitation Ttraining Programs
* New Property Training Coordination

=> Menus and Product Development Services

* Recipe Development and Menu Design
* Research and Development
* Menu Layout, Design and Production Coordination
* Food and Beverage Product Development
* Menu Development, Product and Recipe Planning

=> Marketing Services

* Target Group and Focus Studies of Customer base
* Market Analysis for Geographic Areas and Target Populations
* Feasibility Studies based upon Market and Financial Analysis of desired Objectives
* Market Research
* Market Positioning
* Integration of low cost Marketing Alternatives - In-house and Out-sourced
* Staff Sales Building Seminars

=> Pre-Opening Services & Planning

* Trial Runs for Software Systems
* Pre-opening Installation of Efficient Operational Systems
* Implementation of Marketing, Publicity and Advertising Campaigns
* Control Systems
* Grand Opening and Handing Over With 1 Month of Operation

=> Increasing Profit and Sales - Financial Services

* Increasing Profitability
* Purchasing and Cost Control Programs
* Business Plans and Break-even Analysis
* Theoretical Food and Beverage Cost Programs
* Cost Control Analysis
* Cost and Contribution Analysis of Menu Programs
* Labor and Staffing Plans
* Labor Cost Analysis
* Automation of Control Systems using Computer Hardware and Software Systems
* RFP and Contract Documentation Formation
* Preparation of RFP and Assistance with the Bid Process, Operator Selection and Contract Negotiations
* Automated Purchasing Systems including Multiple Vendor Bid Programs

=> Performance Enhancement

* Performance Review
      o Brand audit
      o Human resource audit
      o Remuneration assessment
      o Service line analysis
      o Diagnostic review of existing customer relationship management strategies
      o Front of the house and back of the house audits

=> Consumer Insights

* Holistic Consumer Understanding Applied to Offer Implementable Business Solutions
* User Insights
* Trend Insights
* Design and Innovation Insights

=> Partner Search

* Partner Search Assistance for Hotels across the following Operating Models
      o Franchise
      o Private Equity & Management Contract
      o Hotel Management Company Tie-Up
      o Joint Venture

=> Capital Advisory Services

* Supporting Business Strategy and Execution with Comprehensive Capital Advisory in our Industries of Focus
* Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Due Diligence - Commercial & Financial, Fund Raising, Corporate Finance

You can utilize every level of our know-how, or select the parts that meet your immediate needs.

If you want to know more about our services, kindly send your request to fntindia@hotmail.com

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