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  • We at HospitalityIndia.com have enquiries for Wine Shop licenses / Liquor licenses both FL II (Foreign Liquor license) & CL III (Country Liquor license) for buying / purchase.

    Owners interested in selling their liquor licenses / liquor licences kindly contact us at the earliest. We assure a good price. Brokers are also welcome.

    Request to inflate the Selling Price will NOT be entertained from the brokers representing the Sellers. But their commercial interest will be safe guarded by us. We charge a flat Consultancy fee of Rs.7lacs to the Sellers. The commission / brokerage of the brokers representing the Sellers will be covered within our Consultancy fee.

    => Wanted Wine Shop license Mr.Anand 09321003483 (Posted on 20/08/2010)

    => I wanted to enquire about the pending FL-2.licenses which were allotted in the year 1972. Please suggest Anil. K. 9867203109, Email : anil.jmd.12@gmail.com (Posted on 19/08/2010)

    => I want a wine shop license. How do i get it? Amit Ram 51649 11217, Email : kapoorsweets@yahoo.com (Posted on 18/08/2010)

    => My client wanted wine shop (FL-2) license urgent. Prabhakar 9768715855 (Posted on 11/08/2010)

    => I m interested in FL-2 running wine shop. Sharad Chaudhari 9423477030, Email : sharad.samarth2008@gmail.com (Posted on 7/08/2010)

    => I want to know the cost of wine shop license in the araa of Satra, Mayni, Vaduj, Vita. Any of these. Pravin 9222112675, Email : kadampravin@rocketmail.com (Posted on 31/07/2010)

    => Need a Wine Shop license. Ajinkya 9222333238, Email: aju143@sify.com (Posted on 15/7/2010)

    => We want an FL2 license urgent. Please reply as soon as possible. Sachin 9011980639, Email : psd_prayag@ymail.com (Posted on 14/7/2010)

    => Please provide more details of selling & buying price for FL-II license in Mumbai. Prabhakar 9768715855, Email : prabhakar.dhangat@rediffmail.com (Posted on 9/07/2010)

    => Need Application Draft of FL-II License. Sanjay Dhotre 9763393811, Email : sanjaykumar_dhotre@yahoo.com (Posted on 20/06/2010)

    => I want Wine Shop (FL2) License or Beer Bar License (FL-BR-2) in Latur 413512 Karan 9423776664, Email : aryakiran@yahoo.in (Posted on 15/06/2010)

    => Wanted Wine Shop license. Bhaumik 9924987513, Email : bhaumik67@yahoo.in (Posted on 9/06/2010)

    => Raj wants a FL-II License for his client. Raj 9870386017, Email : rajrajput81@gmail.com (Posted on 24/05/2010)

    => Sandeep Pandit for his client in Pune wants a FL-II & CL-III license (27/07/2010)

    => Sugriv Kadam for his Bhiwandi Clients wants a FL-II License for Rs.1.15cr & CL-III License for Rs.35-Rs.40 lacs (dt: 9th April 2010)

    => Amit Kodte wants a FL-II License for Mumbai for Rs.1.10-1.15cr. (dt: 8th April 2010)

    => Deepak Kukreja wants a FL-II License for Mumbai (dt: 6th April 2010)

    => Anand Jaiswal wants a CL-III License for Nanded (dt: 4th April 2010)

    => Yogesh Shah for his relative in Pune wants a FL-II License (dt: 3rd April 2010)

    => Pramod wants a FL-II License for his client at Panvel for Rs.1.25-1.30cr with TRANSFER (dt: 2nd April 2010)

    => Niraj Gandhi an Investor from Nagpur wants FL-II licenses at Nashik / Nagpur / Kolhapur / Solapur for Rs.1.15cr (dt: 31st March 2010)

    => Vicky Shende for his client wants a FL-II License at Ahmednagar or Beed (dt: 30th March 2010)

    => Anil Gaikwad wants a FL-II License for Pune area (dt: 26th March 2010)

    => Somraj Shinde wants a Beer Shoppe License for Satara (dt: 22nd March 2010)

    => Hari for his Panvel based client wants a FL-II License (22nd March 2010)

    => Yogesh Shah wants a FL-II License for Aurangabad (dt: 21st March 2010)

    => Hitesh wants 3 FL-II Licenses for his clients (dt: 21st March 2010)

    => Sagar Pujari for his client wants FL-II License for Pune (dt: 18th March 2010)

    => Advocate Pawar wants a FL-II license for his Pune client. Price Rs.1.15crore with Transfer. (dt:17/03/2010)

    => Arun Yadav wants a FL-II license for Kharghar / Nerul / Belapur. He is even ready to take a FL-II license on Rent / Lease. (dt: 17/03/2010)

    => Dinesh wants TWO FL-II license for his client. One for Pune & the other for Mumbai suburbs. Price Rs.1.10crore. (dt: 17/03/2010)

    => Amit wants a FL-II license for Navi Mubmai. (dt:17/03/2010)

    => Milind/Dinesh wants TEN FL-II licenses for his single client from Uran at Rs.1.15crore. Licenses should be current i.e. there should be no outstanding dues. (dt:17/03/2010)

    => Sourabh Palkar form Pune wants a FL-II license urgently. (dt: 16/03/2010)

    => Nitin/Arvind wants a current FL-II license for their client at Rs.1.15crore (dt: 16/03/2010)

    => Sagar Pujari from Pune wants a FL-II license for his client urgently. Token will be given if anyone has a clear license without any encumberances. Price Rs.1.15crore (dt: 14/03/2010)

    => Pappu from Ulhasnagar wants a FL-II license. (dt: 14/03/2010)

    => Ajit Patel wants a FL-II license for Mumbai suburbs (from Kurla to Mulund) for Rs.1crore. Brokers excuse. dt: 13/03/2010)

    => Pawan wants a CL-III license for his client. Budget Rs.35lacs - 40 lacs. (dt: 11th March 2010)

    => Amit Gawade wants a running FL-II License (Liquor License) for Rs.1cr - Rs.1.10crore between Kurla to Thane. Even FL-II license on RENT / LEASE will do. (dt: 10th March 2010)

    => Hari Nilkar wants a FL-II (Foreign Liquor license) for Kalyan (10th March 2010)

    => Raju Raikar wants a Foreign Liquor License (FL-II) for Panvel (9th March 2010)

    => Uday / Muttu Kumar wants a FL-II License (Foreign Liquor) for Khopoli. Budget Rs.1.25crore max including Transfer charges (8th March 2010)

    => Raj wants a current FL-II License for his client in Mumbai (dt: 8th March 2010)

    => Ashish B. wants a CL-III (Country Liquor License) for Rs.40lacs in Central Suburbs preferably Thane (dt: 6th March 2010)

    => Kirti Gandhi wants FL-II & CL-III Licenses (dt: 4th March 2010)

    => Tushar wants a FL-II license for Pimpri-Chinchwad region (dt: 3rd March 2010)

    => Sandeep Metkari wants a FL-II license for Sangli. He already has a Country Liquor shop. Budget: Rs.1.10crore with Transfer. (dt: 3rd March 2010)

    => Mohit Shah has a 300sq.ft. shop in Andheri West & wants to start a Foreign Liquor / Wine Shop. Therefore looking for a FL-II license (dt: 3rd March 2010)

    Licenses from any where in Maharashtra. Even expired licenses & licenses from the dry zone districts like Wardha / Yavatmal / Chandrapur / Gadchiroli can also be considered. Plase note: Licenses which are realistically priced / moderately priced are sold faster.

    Contact Dharmaprakash M Shettigar 022-25792364 / 09619562806, email: fntindia@hotmail.com

  • We want to buy an IATA Travel Agency. Contact 07838954668, email: airtravelservices2005@gmail.com (Posted on 12/10/2011)
  • I want to acquire an IATA Travel Agency in Delhi, Jaipur or Chandigarh. (Posted on 16/09/2011)
    Contact with details to Praveen Mahto Tel: +91-0124-3295516 / +91-9871598710, Managing Partner - OneStop Project Management India LLP, email: praveen.mahto@hotmail.com
  • Wanted a small IATA approved Travel Agency for Take-over. (Posted on 18/01/2008)
    with or with out office space. Send details to: itmedia2007@gmail.com
  • We are looking for a Travel Agency with accumulated losses for Acquisition. Interested parties furnish details. (Posted on 12/05/2006)
    Email: amol.tipnis@panoramicworld.biz
  • Wanted to Take-over an IATA approved Travel Agency or a GSA. (Posted on 23/03/2005)
    An international group wishes to Take over a running profitable IATA approved Travel Agency with representation / office all over India. Take-over of GSA's will also be considered independently. Contact with all details via Email: travelshop222@hotmail.com, Mobile: 9820427955
  • We are looking for a medium scale Travel Agency for Take-over fully or join as Strategic Partner on mutual terms. (Posted on 21/10/2004)
    Contact CISS Ltd., 002, Parsurampuria Tower No.6, Oshiwara, near Millat Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053. Email: cisspl@vsnl.com
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